Using social networks to improve business exposure

We all know that social networking sites such as twitter and facebook are now a major source of media power. Businesses all over the planet use these sites to further there reach to advertise themselves to there for create a bigger profit. Facebook and twitter are used by millions, and it would be a shame for businesses not to utilize their capabilities, not to mention its also a free form of advertising allowing the audience and the media power to converse and create an almost more personal relationship than before. One that is not just based on adverts in a magazine or seen on the tv, its more interactive and this is what sets them apart.

Facebook now has 1 billion members.

Twitter has over 500 million members.

Having spoken to Keith at Sittingbourne greyhound races he stated that he didnt want to have to keep updated his facebook page and that people look over it now. I feel this is completely wrong, as our target age group is 18-25 (as stated in the brief) surely it is necessary to use facebook. Facebook is a social hub for the younger generation, and is getting increasingly larger to suit the needs of millions. So surely by having a page that names the events, the location and contact details atleast will get people interested. Facebook is a sure fire way to get recognised quickly and easily. I feel to miss out on it out of pure laziness is stupid for the business, less exposure, less money. Simple. Twitter the other social media super power, is another way to guarantee some kind of exposure, not just for creating money, but is a way to generate awareness for the sport and what its about.

We were told a major factor of less customers at the races was lack of knowledge of treatment of the dogs, many people believe the dogs are harmed and miss treated in the sport. So what  a better way to show the younger generation this is not the case. The best way to spread this news is over the internet. Its cheap its easy and its effective. I can guaratee exposure via the web is the best way forward, and the best way to capture young minds. Many of the young generation see dog racing an old and not very classy sport, its seen as gamblers and old men crowded round a race track getting angry at the dogs. (well thats how i imagined it). I have looked over the web at other dog racing places, and the media representation is poor, looks dated and old. Maybe portraying yourself on a social media site would be the way forward, show the younger generation what its all about. Then knowledge of the sport would not just be word of mouth it would have a presence on the web in which people could view. It would make organising a night out a lot easier if you had a network page, as people could gather all the information from one place, and not struggle searching through your information on your dated site.

It was said on 21 of july 2010 that 1 in 13 people in the world had a facebook page, now these odds have surely changed. Its for certain that the majority of people in the 1st world have facebook. Simple fact. Now in the uk alone these are the facts:

Total Facebook Users 33190940
Position in the list 6
Penetration of population 53.23%
Penetration of online population 64.52%

This graph shows the age ranges of facebook and what age uses it the most:

facebook uk age distribution

Keith also stated that students and the younger generation don’t have much money and wouldnt want to gamble, but lets be honest, if you could get them there, you would still take their money and have them through the door. Not to mention, Greyhound racing is a dying sport, why not show the younger generation how exciting it can really be, so for future sake you’d eventually get more through that door.

facebook usage UK
This represents the power of facebook, and why every business should use it, these facts are too hard to miss. The amount of time people spend on facebook shows a huge chance to show your business to them, this opportunity is too big to miss.

1 facebook fan

This also shows the immediacy and effectiveness of facebook. It may be an out there statement but it shows how having a facebook page can get you interest and views which therefore can be equated to money at the end of the day as you will get visitors.

Some other  interesting global statistics for you about facebook:

  • 250 million photos are uploaded every day
  • 20% of all page views on the web are on Facebook
  • 425 million mobile users
  • 100 billion connections
  • 2.7 billion “likes” per day
  • 57% of users are female
Twitter on the other hand:
  • There are over 465 million accounts
  • 175 million tweets a day
  • 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day

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